EDC Knife Reviews was launched after an incident in the Fall of 2012. I was returning home from a trip to the range and witnessed the overturn of an SUV carrying 5 passengers – A Mother, Father and 3 babies ranging in ages from a few months to 3 years old. The Father was ejected from the vehicle and lay twisted at odd angles in a drainage ditch about 50yds from the vehicle. The bleeding Mother was franticly searching for her babies around the car while gas spilled from the filler neck. It was quickly discovered that the babies were still in their car seats hanging upside down. No one standing there had a knife except me! I slithered my 6′-3″ 300# torso through the broken rear window and was only able to get one hand and arm in and out. Luckily, my pocket knife was always clipped to my right pants pocket. My right arm snaked down, grasped it, and because it had an assisted-opening mechanism, I was able to deploy it one-handed. I quickly cut the seatbelts holding the carseats in place and removed the babies, still in their carseats out to the people standing nearby. All while drenched in the gas pouring from the overturned SUV.  Perhaps an Emergency Rescue Team would have responded in time to prevent further tragedy. But I didnt need to take that chance. I was prepared.