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At we believe in transparency and honesty in all our dealings, personal and commercial. This site started as a hobby and as a site to evangelize the carry of pocket knifes in our every day lives as a matter of preparedness. Please understand that we either do now, or intend to place ads on the site from various well-vetted advertisers that align with our personal ethics and morals. We may also be listing Google Adsense ads from time to time but have less control over what they display. If you see anything offensive, please let us know, we do have the option to block objectionable ad content. Finally, we display product reviews on the site for which we may receive compensation for any purchases by site visitors. There are millions of such products on the web, but we include only those that we’ve researched and believe could benefit you. Our mission is to help our visitors find products that will best meet their needs but we also may be compensated and you should realize as much. Just in the spirit of transparency, you should know that the average compensation is less than a dollar per item purchased. The intention isn’t to get rich or create a conglomerate global organization – just to share information and maybe help fund our hobby too!